CallMyDoc App Answers Patients and Calls them Back On Its Own

CallMyDoc provides a replacement for any answering services, voicemail, or for any time a doctor or one of their staff cannot answer a phone.  Can be used for a COVID hotline, staff can work at home remotely using the app, answer phones by itself and transcribe them directly into the EHR, and providers can work after hours or remotely using the app and it will self-document the phone encounter.

CallMyDoc Live Webinar - 03.26.20
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Handles over 200,000 Patient calls a month

We take the pressure off of dealing with patient calls for doctors and their staff.

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Dashboard Access

All calls are displayed on a dashboard like visual voicemail for patients.

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About Company

  • Sphinx Medical Technologies was formed in 2013
  • The CallMyDoc™ app/service offered by Sphinx is designed to make the task of dealing with patient calls extremely easy and efficient:
    • It is currently being used by practices of all sizes and specialties in 34 states, handling over 200,000 calls a month
    • It replaces all traditional answering services and voicemail
    • It also has additional features and capabilities not available in any of its competitors
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What are people saying about CallMyDoc?
Dr. Carlito
I couldn't live without it!
Shahinaz Solimand, MD
CallMyDoc is the best app I have ever used.
Large Practices
Large practices benefit just as much as small practices.  Contact us for more information.
Simo Roye, MD
CallMyDoc makes my life when I am not in the office super easy.
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Facts Aout Us

CallMyDoc has grown in six years to be the most popular app for handling patient calls after hours.
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Calls Delivered per Month
Currently in 34 States
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