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Call My Doc

By Doctors for Doctors

CallMyDoc™ AI-based call answering service replacement and front desk auto-attendant-thumb
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About Company

CallMyDoc provides a replacement to any answering service, voicemail or anytime a doctor or a staff member cannot answer the phone.

  • Sphinx Medical Technologies was formed in 2013
  • CallMyDoc™ now handles 300,000+ patient calls a month in 34 states
  • The CallMyDoc™ app/service offered by Sphinx is designed to make the task of dealing with patient calls extremely easy and efficient:
    • It is currently being used by practices of all sizes and specialties in 34 states, handling over 300,000 calls a month
    • It replaces all traditional answering services and voicemail
    • It also has additional features and capabilities not available in any of its competitors

App Step by Step

The following is an overview of how the app works


App Notifies the Doctor on Call

When the app is opened, it will display the calls that came in. If there is a photo and it is a patient call, it will add the patient's photo.


Open Session Display

Once the call is opened from the app, it will display the patient demographics and the patient message. This allows you to screen your own calls.


Rotate the App Face from Right to Left

By rotating the app face with your thumb or finger from right to left, it will display a summary of the three most recent visits from the patient.


Patient Chart Summary

Now it will display the patient chart summary. Each box can be clicked on, to "drill down" a level into more levels of detail for each chart section box.


App Patient Call Back Functions

Rotating the screen from right to left again and clicking on the take session button, by pressing "Add Response", The app can call the patient back on its own, take care of refills, call the patient and schedule them for an appointment, etc.


App Dashboard

Finally, it is all documented as tasks or patient cases for the staff to review the next day. This is also the staff dashboard for "visual voicemail" for patients.

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The CallMyDoc Dashboard provides views of All aspects of its automated patient communications on one easy to use at a glance dashboard


The Main Dashboard


Quickly view call types by clicking on each call type box


Always know who worked on what calls and when


Keeps a detailed log of every single log and puts it back on the patients chart when acrhived or closed out


Different phone numbers can be added to create different caller and or patient workflows-1


Remind or self-schedule up to 3000 patients an hour for various reminders

Featured Resource

CallMyDoc E-Book Download

This book contains information and statistics on keep performance indicators for your practice to show how call management work flows after hours or during the day can be more efficiently handled and streamlined with a more effective work flow

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Facts About Us

CallMyDoc has grown in ten years to be the most popular app for handling patient calls after hours and during the day.


Calls Delivered per Month


Currently in 34 States


Satisfied Practices


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