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What is CallMyDoc®?

CallMyDoc® is the only one of its kind system which allows a patient to self-identify themselves and delivers their message and information along with their patient chart summary to a doctor’s phone.  It answers the calls by itself and collects all of the caller information and then presents it to the doctor’s iPhone.  The doctor can decide how they want to respond, by either calling the patient back or telling Call My Doc® to do so and send prescriptions, etc., according to the doctor’s orders.  All interactions taken will be recorded and go back to the patient’s chart.

What do I need to use CallMyDoc®?

Why is CallMyDoc® different?

What if I have another doctor covering for me?

What if I have more than one provider on call?

How does CallMy Doc® work?

How does Call My Doc® prevent or eliminate medical malpractice?

How do patients like Call My Doc®?

Are patients put on hold or do they have any difficulties getting through to CallMyDoc®?

How does CallMyDoc® protect you and your practice?

How is CallMyDoc® better than other methods of answering patient calls?

How can I respond to patients with CallMyDoc®?

How do I deal with problems from my call center or when a patient suggests I have not followed up correctly?

How do you know that Call My Doc® is answering our phones and not somebody else’s phone?

How do I get my phone lines to Call My Doc®?

Isn’t my call center HIPAA complaint? What does Call My Doc® do differently?

What else can you do for me? Are you just an answering service?

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

Call My Doc® is self-documenting, what does that mean?

What do you mean by Customization?

How much time does it take for the service to start?

How reliable is your service?

Will Call My Doc® record a greeting for my practice?

How do I get notified of a patient or other call?

Can I forward my office phone to your service, and what number will I forward my calls to?

How are my messages delivered?

Lowest Price Guarantee

Schedule Appointments with Patients

Real Time Message Delivery

Plans by Flat Rate, # of Minutes, or # of Calls

Patients Need To Know Their Physician Can Be Reached 24×7 in the Event of an Emergency.

Call My Doc® does not have any long-term contract?

How does Call My Doc® work?

How long have you been in business, and are you stable?

What kind of customer support do you have?

Other call services provide a free service for the month. If I want to use CallMyDoc™, when do I need to let you know?

How do I share calls with another practice?

Our group practice has a rotating call schedule. How does that work?

Does Call My Doc® support multiple call schedules and departments?

Are the call routing capabilities flexible?

No contracts; No equipment to install, no hidden fees.

HIPAA compliant, fully automated, and on the job 24/7.

Word-for-word message taking ­ without human error.

Fully customizable to your unique needs.

Multi-lingual Service available.

Simple Flat Rate Pricing

How do I get started?

How will I receive my messages?

Can you provide me with a toll free phone number to use for patient self-scheduling?

How do I forward my phone lines?

How to take my line(s) off service?

What is remote call forwarding?

What is Call Forwarding No Answer?

What is Call Forward Busy?

What is Multi Path Call Forwarding?

Why Flat Rate Billing?